INFINITE “Back” MV Teaser Ver. 2


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INFINITE_1405264775_af_org.jpg (1000×448)

Infinite is “Back” again with their Teaser Ver. 2 of their “Back” MV!

I really have nothing against groups posting music videos more than once a year, or having comebacks more than once a year, but don’t you think this is a little too soon for Infinite to have another comeback on the works when it hasn’t been two months since “Last Romeo”?

Since “Back” isn’t really on Season 2’s tracklist, that means they’re either releasing a new EP or they’re releasing it as a digital single. Maybe Woollim is trying to catch up with Inspirit needs because it’s been 9 months since Infinite’s last MV with “Request” and a year with Infinite’s last comeback with “Destiny”. We all know what happens if a groups takes too long to make a comeback (look at Nu’est and 2PM. People are already forgetting them. WHAT THE HELL, JYP?!).

I think this is a really genius move from Woollim. “Last Romeo” was successful and I’m ecstatic our boys had won so much. Although I think it’s a little too soon for a comeback, it’s great because “Be Back” is probably going to bask in on “Last Romeo”‘s success and since people aren’t tired of our boys just yet, Woollim’s a genius to take advantage of Inspirits’ love for Infinite.

On the downside, it’s going to overlap with “Last Romeo”‘s success.

Now let’s go to the music video teasers. Aside from BTD (Before The Dawn), I’ve never seen Infinite do a concept like this before where the boys act like gangsters and fight other gangsters. Except, hasn’t this kind of concept been abused too much in the KPop industry these days?

Myname had done this in their “Baby, I’m Sorry” music video and the only difference is that Infinite wanted to save the little girl whom I don’t know if she’s portraying as Myungsoo’s girlfriend or little sister (but she’s too young to be Myungsoo’s girlfriend so let’s go with little sister, alright?). The first teaser kind of reminds me a little bit of C-Clown (poor underrated group) while the second one reminds me of B.A.P. The teasers are really BAD-ASS, though and I have to say, it really suits Sunggyu and Dongwoo the most.

I love all of their hairstyles. Sunggyu looks hot and suits the bad boy image (when he pulled off that black beanie, MAN OH MAN my ovaries almost burst!). Sungjong looks more mature now and I didn’t expect him to also suit the bad boy image (he freaking rocked that hairstyle of his). Sungjong’s fight scene, too, at the first teaser made me swoon. He’s more feminine than the other six and seeing him being so manly is a big treat for me. I hated Hoya’s hair last time because it made him look really old, and it’s at least more decent now. Dongwoo looks the beastliest out of the seven and he looks beastlier now. People kept commenting on Youtube that they didn’t like his hairstyle but I think it actually made him really good-looking. Myungsoo hasn’t changed at all with his boyish good looks but it balanced out with the concept. There’s not much change in Sungyeol and Woohyun so let’s just say they’re very handsome in both the mv teasers.

I’m an Inspirit. I love these boys so much that I live and breathe Infinite. My only complaint is that they’re not having any rest anymore. And because they’re known for having the most synchronized dance moves, I’m better they’re practicing harder than ever. But they’re doing what they love, soooooo… I guess that makes my complaint invalid.

I have really great expectations from this mv. Especially with Sunggyu’s vocals sounding like that. I hope it’s sexier than what I’m expecting.



GOT7 2nd Mini Album “GOT♡” Album Spoiler


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Aaaaand… it took me a day to listen to Got7’s album spoiler!



I have about a few things to say, and not all of them are good. I’m going to start as a lamb and end this as a lion so you better buckle up.

1. Mark’s voice had just become sexier

Damn! When he kept singing ‘U Got Me’, I just had chills traveling from the tips of my fingers to my shoulders. I am actually imagining him right now looking into my eyes and singing ‘U Got Me’ while biting his lower lip. *shiver* Minus his mess of a hair right now, everything in Mark had totally become sexier.

2. The teaser images only emphasized Jackson’s sexiness

I already knew he was sexy before but, (Jesus Christ!) if he’s going to keep biting his lip like that, I’m going to want to eat him! I just wish he’d become a better performer this time because I don’t want to see another sub-par performance with a barely-there voice and just a few cutesy expressions thrown my way.

3. Jr.’s become hotter than usual

He’s supposed to be the omma of the group! Why am I seeing a freaking hot guy right now?! That hairstyle, that shirt, that smile, those eyes. Everything just screams HOT! *My God, JB please take me away from him!* He’s making me irrational right now that I can’t even create a more sensible post about the album spoiler. All I can think about is how Jr. transitioned from a cute boy to a HOT MAN!

4. JB wrote the lyrics for the third song

Good for him! The only thing is, the lyrics aren’t really that good. Since it’s only the lyrics that he wrote, it’s pretty amateur and I think I could actually write something like that in less that 10 minutes (with a little bit of daydreaming in between and less concentration). At least he tried. There’s always a beginning to every profession.

5. Youngjae had improved in singing

I hear a lot of improvement. The way he sings has actually become smoother. On the downside, JB still doesn’t have full control of his voice. There’s always something lacking whenever JB sings (like JYP said, an ounce of ‘swag’, maybe? Or a bit of ‘suaveness’?). I always feel as if he’s belting every air in his lungs out and pushes me to where I’m sitting (believe me, it’s not the kind of push you’d want).

5. They chose the right title track this time

Bravo! They chose the best song in the whole album as their title track. It really was the best song that they decided to create GOD KNOWS HOW MANY VERSIONS/REMIXES OF IT! That was majorly disappointing! Does JYP really think I’m going to spend more or less than 20$ and buy their album when half of it is ‘A’?! (Of course I will! I love Got7 to death and I’m already in too deep as an I Got7. Ironic isn’t it?)

6. I don’t see hip-hop in Got7 this time

This is just not hip-hop at all. The songs are R&B-ish but there’s really no essence of hip-hop in them. Bambam did mature but I still see him as a a cute little nephew I’d want to buy stuff for. He needs to work on his image and add a dash of aggressiveness for me to consider him as hip-hop.

This is what I meant when I said Got7’s making their comeback sooner than they should. This is what happens when you rush things! JYP should have given them (and himself) more time so he wouldn’t be recycling the same song.

The album is good AS A WHOLE (I’d give it a 3.8/5) and I have faith in JYP’s composing skills. I also have faith in my boys. They’re imperfect and needs a lot of improvement not just individually but also as a group, but that doesn’t mean they’re not talented or hard-working. I may have been a tiny bit harsh here, but I love them nonetheless. Good luck to them and their comeback!




[Teaser] HALO(헤일로) _ Can You Hear Me?(들리니)


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This is a really nice and refreshing teaser video. What I liked is that the group doesn’t at least try to be hip-hop unlike most groups nowadays. They’re more like somewhere in between Boyfriend and Beast (I actually don’t like mentioning senior and more famous groups when doing comparisons because people would usually say: “Hell no, they’re different from *toot*; they have no similarities in concept with *toot*”. It’s just that these two are what came to my mind), upbeat with a mixture of the sweetness of spring.

I did a little research on the group and apparently they’re only about to debut this June 26. (Does this mean I’m going to have to add another rookie group on my list of groups to follow? Let’s just see if they’re up for it). HALO is a six-member group which, according to an allkpop article, aims to be Korea’s One Direction. *sigh* That’s not really promising for me because I don’t want them to be a rip-off. Wanting to be Korea’s One Direction isn’t a really good strategy because it’s prone to fanwars and since 1D is more well-known out of the two, HALO might get kicked to the dust. As far as I can tell from the teaser, though, they still have their own sense of identity and you’d still call them KPOP.

Like I said, they remind me of Beast. Judging from my research, the guy in blonde named Dino (I find him hot, by the way) is the main vocal (so I’m guessing he’s the one I kept hearing throughout the whole video?) and sounds pretty much like a softer version of Yoseob. The vocal line’s blending of falsetto is pretty good and cool to the ears but I hope I’d see a much more powerful side to them in the future (not just vocally, though. I didn’t get the chance to hear the rapp *if there is one* in the teaser video).

The guy in white, Ooon, looks like Kai in certain angles (and they’re both smooth dancers, too). Visually, Dino and Jaeyong (he should just keep on smiling because he’s ADORABLE in this video) both grabbed my attention while I couldn’t tell the difference between Inhaeng and Yoondong (the maknae’s really cute and I can’t believe that he’s actually older than me. I really thought I was going to be a noona) at first. Heecheon doesn’t really look like B1A4’s Jinyoung but they both give of this almost identical vibe.

I hope all goes well with their career and that they’d last long. Allkpop’s article about them isn’t really a good first step. (Trust me, wanting to be a version of someone else is a big NO NO if you want your career to come bursting with flowers)

Top 50 KPOP Songs I Listen To


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There are some really old songs in this list but I just really have to put them here.

As of June 20, 2014

50. Punishment – Roh Ji Hoon347303.jpg (640×640)

49. Man In Love – Infinite

2178881500.jpg (500×500)

48. Shake The World – G-DragonG-Dragon%20-%20Coup%20D%27Etat.jpg (1500×1500)

47. Hello – Yoo Seung Woo

aoweno.jpg (500×500)

46. Why I’m Not – SPEED

b77a.jpg (500×500)

45. Emotion – BIGBANGcoverayn.jpg (800×790)

44. Beat – 100%

1uyw.jpg (500×500)

43. Three Days – Timbermaxresdefault.jpg (1660×941)

42. Doshite Kimi O Suki Ni Natte Shimatandarou – Tohoshinkidbsk-8.jpg (1600×1357)

41. BTD (Before The Dawn) – Infinite

253321.jpg (500×500)

40. Truth Or Dare – Gain343359.jpg (1600×1598)

39. Ego – BIGBANG

21092-andltahrefhttpwwwjpo-eyvy.jpg (479×300)

38. Ringa Linga – Taeyanggny1.jpg (1024×1024)

37. Like Oh – Got7tmw0.jpg (750×750)

36. Rose – Lee Hi

360557.jpg (512×512)

35. Gone – Jin

a92l.jpg (640×640)

34. I Like You – Infinitecover-inft.jpg (820×820)

33. Justice – C-Clown

eny1.jpg (500×500)

32. No Limit – Zicoartworks-000036537731-gqhz5z-original.jpg (1000×1000)

31. I Do, I Do – Secret

smuw.jpg (500×500)

30. Tell Me Why – Toheart

o9ko.jpg (500×500)

29. Easy – B.A.P

2uk7.jpg (500×500)

28. Green Light – Troy

iwik.jpg (500×500)

27. Symptoms – SHINeel9yo.jpg (1500×1500)

26. Flower – Yong Junhyung

hakg.jpg (471×640)

25. Don’t Forget Me – Suzycoveryul.jpg (1476×1476)

24. Call Me Noona – Kang Min Hee & Kanto

9ncx.jpg (500×500)

23. Four Times Around The Sun – Nell

nhll.jpg (500×500)

22. A Song For You – Roh Ji Hoon

4w1q.jpg (500×500)

21. Last Romeo – Infiniterngma.jpg (708×1024)

20. Heaven’s Door – Eric Nam

cover3custom.jpg (500×450)

19. Burning – Phantom338243.jpg (891×790)

18. The Chaser – Infinitecover-inft.jpg (820×820)

17. Come Back Home – 2NE1

rnlv.jpg (600×600)

16. Hold Me Tight – Loco feat. Crush

6p9y.jpg (500×500)

15. Just Another Boy – YG’s Team Bnas5.jpg (600×600)

14. Head Banging – Offroad

2179039500.jpg (500×500)

13. Yasisi – NS Yoon-G

u5yf.jpg (480×480)

12. Gotta Be You – 2NE1

rnlv.jpg (600×600)

11. Memories – Infiniterngma.jpg (708×1024)

10. Can’t Stop – CNBlue

dh0c.jpg (500×500)

9. I Hate Seoul – 2000Won

ida7.jpg (500×500)

8. Fixed Star – Infinite

kenhnghenhacneti.jpg (500×500)

7. Not Spring, Love, Or Cherry Blossoms – HIGH4 & IU

5j4g.jpg (500×500)

6. Time – Infinite294231.jpg (945×945)

5. Jackpot – Block B

tumblr_n47bp5qszy1rehxw6o1_5001.jpg (500×613)

4. Friday – IU feat. Jang Yi Jeongeuci.jpg (1400×1400)

3. Mr. Chu – APink

58j4.jpg (480×480)

2. Climax – YG’s Team B

nas5.jpg (600×600)

1. What You Want – Kanto feat. Kim Sunggyu

qrim.jpg (500×500)


BaekYeon: Baekhyun and Taeyeon confirmed to be dating.


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BaekYeon: Baekhyun and Taeyeon confirmed to be dating.

SM Entertainment had just confirmed that EXO’s Baekhyun and SNSD’s Taeyeon have been dating for 4 MONTHS after a picture of Baekhyun and Taeyeon kissing had circulated in the internet. Allkpop had released an article and you can read it here (if you haven’t already):

I really have nothing against Baekhyun and Taeyeon dating. Both of them were already shipped together even before this scandal became breaking news. Baekhyun said in the past that Taeyeon was his ideal woman. A lot of people ship EXOShidae. But what with the situation with Kris and all, isn’t this a little too soon for them to reveal their relationship? I mean, look, it’s so obvious that BaekYeon wasn’t even trying to be discreet. Why the hell is there no roof on?!

I’m happy Baekhyun found happiness and I think Taeyeon is a really lovely girl. They seem like they’re really suited for each other because both are really talented (both are main vocals). Except, EXO has only been in the industry for only 2 YEARS. They’re already overflowed with scandals, haters, sasaeng fans, and rumours.

I mean, can’t you see? In less than two days, this has already created chaos within SONEs and EXO stans and the KPOP world. A lot of people are already spreading weird speculations and spiteful opinions regarding their relationship. Some are saying Taeyeon is too old for Baekhyun when there’s only a two year gap between them. Others are saying they publicized this because it’s for SNSD’s upcoming comeback. The rest, on the other hand, are saying that this was revealed because SM wanted the people to forget about Kris’ lawsuit for a while and because their stocks have dropped and they wanted to pull it back up.


Although Changmin and Victoria have been caught many times wearing couple stuff (keychains, etc.) and was caught dating when Victoria posted a picture without noticing that Changmin’s reflection could be seen through the spoon, they were NEVER captured KISSING by the paparazzi. Besides, Changmin has already been in the industry for 10 years now so his position as an idol is already consolidated.

I feel really bad for BaekYeon because people think this is just for show. If they really are REAL (my God, I think I’m beginning to be affected by what people are saying), then what would they be feeling right now? They’d probably feel really stressed out and hurt by the many hate comments coming their way. Many Baekhyun stans have left the fandom because of this controversy and were “hurt” because he lied about not dating until he was 35.



I really don’t understand netizens sometimes *sigh*

To add, there’s another rumour that’s spreading like wildfire. Allegedly, another EXO-K member is dating someone from APink. (If this is true, I have a feeling it would be either KaiEun or SuJi. Just a feeling though but I know this isn’t true.) And another had just broken up with someone from a not-so-famous girl group.

People should just stop!

The only thing I find wrong about this whole ordeal is the timing. As a Baekhyun stan myself, I was really taken off guard. I woke up and suddenly see this without any warning whatsoever. But I don’t feel any sort of anger or hatred. Just shock, really. I mean, what right do I have? I’m only one in the hundreds of thousands of EXO and SNSD fans. BaekYeon doesn’t even know I exist. I don’t own them. I haven’t even bought every single EXO or SNSD album.

More so, if you were SM, what would you do? Would you deny that BaekYeon aren’t dating when there’s already pictures of them KISSING?! Their only choice is to confirm it or the fans would tear them down.  SM wouldn’t want to add another controversy to their LONG list of controversies just to cover up something.



This is just freaking mature! Dx

*sigh* I don’t know. I’m in turmoil right now with this scandal (though it shouldn’t even be called a scandal because a guy and a girl dating shouldn’t even be an issue). It’s just that, they’re not the normal boy and girl you see on the streets. They’re people who entered showbusiness knowing that their life would be dictated by fans and became idols. Even though they have every right to date, they didn’t really NEED to publicize their relationship at such short notice and such wrong timing. Not publicizing doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t authentic. (Or maybe this is just my hurt fangirl side talking)

Argh! I really don’t know. Maybe I should just stop thinking about this and go back to my normal spazzing.

I hope BaekYeon will last long. I really do. I love Baekhyun and I really like Taeyeon.


GOT7 “A” Teaser Video


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Wait, wait, wait!

Hold on a second!

Got7 already has a comeback in hand?! Why the hell didn’t I know of this?! The teaser was posted last June 17 but it never appeared on my subscription in Youtube! And isn’t this too soon?! What about 2PM?! Is JYP totally neglecting them already?! Is JYP planning on making Got7 an EXO or a B.A.P which keeps on giving comebacks every after 3-6 months?! I have nothing against this, though, except JYP chose a wrong time for Got7 (it’s also Beast’s comeback after all and they’ll prove to be a tough competition for the poor rookies). Doesn’t JYP care about Got7 winning any awards?!

Oh well. They’re one of the hottest groups this year. Maybe Got7 will, maybe Got7 won’t.

Got7’s releasing it’s new album and music video next week, June 23. Even though I still think it’s too soon, I can’t help feeling a little excited. I’ve been following Got7 from when Jr. and JB were still in JJ Project to the teasers, to the release of Girls Girls Girls, and then to the multiple reality shows in Youtube and in MTV.

Their title track, A, sounds pretty good and when I watched the teaser I was bummed that it ended too soon (it seems everything’s a little bit too soon when it comes to Got7, eh?). The video looks fun and OH.MY.GOD Jr. is looking fine! I mean LOOKING FINE in the video. When the hell did he turn so hot?! *grits teeth and silently screams while pulling her hair out of its roots*

In my opinion, Jackson looked better here than in Girls Girls Girls and it shows a different side to him and emphasizes his somewhat jokester side *Jr. please stop entering my mind*. Youngjae is also looking fine with his new hairstyle. *sigh Jr. my eyes are still all on you. Why did you have to be beside Youngjae in the teaser?!*. JB, on the other hand, looked better with his ash-colored hair or his hair color in When A Man Loves but he looks younger in this teaser *Jr. I’m still thinking about you*.

Bambam in blonde? Not a pretty good combination… He’s a noona killer and this hairstyle only made him look like a kid (this coming from an 18-YEAR OLD who feels like she’s exploiting him and his innocence). Instead of someone I’d fangirl over, I suddenly saw Bambam as a potential nephew (nope, not a brother, a NEPHEW!)

Did Yugyeom just swap hair colors with JB? I hope they give more just a tad more priority for Yugyeom because I barely noticed him in the video along with Mark. And what’s up with Mark’s hairstyle? (OR MAYBE THEY SHOULD JUST BAN JR. BECAUSE HE IS FREAKING ILLEGAL! HE SHOULD JOIN THE LIST OF PROHIBITED DRUGS!)

Aside from the boys, I can’t help but notice the shoes they were wearing. I want those NOW!

I really hope JYP chose the right title track this time. Truthfully, I was disappointed when they released ‘Girls Girls Girls’ (although the song was in my top 10 for more than five weeks) because I liked ‘I Like You’ more. The dance in ‘I Like You’ was even better and sexier than ‘Girls Girls Girls’ (remove Mark’s acrobatic movements and you’ll see).

I don’t want to get disappointed again JYP. Got7 is in my top 10 favourite groups. Please promote them well.



김재중 (Kim Jaejoong) – 싫어도 (But I) MV


Jaejoong. Jaejoong. Jaejoong. There’s a 10-year gap between us but why would you still make me feel as if I’m old enough to be able to marry you.

I didn’t even know that 1theK would be releasing a music video of Jaejoong’s song. UNFORTUNATELY, I haven’t watched the show just yet but based on this video, Jaejoong’s acting has improved a lot compared to his acting in Protect The Boss. OR maybe it’s just because Triangle is a drama while Protect The Boss is romantic-comedy so Jaejoong had to change his style of acting a little bit.

According to Wikipedia (thank God for Wikipedia), Heo Young Dal a.k.a. Jaejoong was separated from his two brothers after the death of their mother. To survive, he had to use the two b’s (brutes and brains) and became a gang leader. He then falls in love with the girl Oh Jung Hee a.k.a Baek Jin Hee who was a casino dealer. Anyway, since I haven’t really watched the drama and don’t know the cycle of the story, I’m not going to tackle further. But I have to say, Jaejoong looks really good as a gang leader. A kind-of sweet gang leader. I’ve always imagined him as such.

Going back to the music video and Jaejoong, he looks really good despite being in prison (lol). He’s still as hot as ever even when wearing prison uniform, he’s well-shaved and his skin still looks glossier than yours (double lol). He’s even prettier than the girl and the girl is already pretty (where have I seen her before? Oh wait, I haven’t. She just looks like someone and I have to find out who).

I’ve always considered Jaejoong belonging to the top 10 idol singers. His vocal prowess is superb and his control is really good. Except, his voice is getting softer and softer through the years in contrast to how he sings in Whatever They Say or Tonight. Maybe it’s because he’s getting older? His range did get higher, though, if I’m going to base it on his WWW album.

I’ve searched for the translated version of this song and it seems like Jaejoong is afraid of the past but at the same time longing for it. I guess it’s pretty much appropriate with the story. But… the lyrics are too typical. Nevertheless, the song as a whole is pretty good for an OST (and only for an OST; I love you Jaejoong to death but I don’t think this will be a good song to put in a solo album since it’s the usual OST).

All in all I’d give ‘But I’ a 3.5/5.

HISTORY(히스토리) 3rd Mini-album [DESIRE] ‘Pre-listening’


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Here’s the deal, I don’t really listen to History. I like one or two of their songs but they’re not really memorable for me. It’s already their third mini album and I don’t even know the title of the first two. Anyway, I wanted to take a sneak peek (or rather listen peek) into their new mini album ‘Desire’ because I need new songs to put in my mp3 player.

I’m going to get straight to the point here. ‘I Got U’ gave me headaches added with a little bit of eardrum sores. I listened to the preview more than three times and it still hasn’t worked its charm. And to add, there’s something about the tune that made me feel like I’ve listened to something similar before (not similar in a way that it’s a carbon copy, but something close to that). Instrumentals should give you a taste of the rest of the music. The intro should make you hunger for more. ‘I Got U’ didn’t give me this. But what ‘I Got U’ lacked, the rest of the songs did fill in and saved the album. There’s some seriously sexy vocals. A tinge of huskiness. The sigh-like low notes in the songs. The push-and-pull type of singing that will grab you from your seats. They should have re-arranged the track list and put Psycho first, Blue Moon next and so on. They should promote either of these two songs. All in all, the whole album seems really emotional. ‘It’s All Right’ should have been brighter than the rest of the songs but it’s still as dramatic. I’m not going to judge it more than what I’ve said here because I haven’t listened to the full songs just yet. I hope when the album comes out, it will change my mind. I hope this time it will be more memorable.



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B.A.P - Where Are You

I can’t really remember when this issue was raised (three weeks ago, maybe?), but I do know this created chaos in Facebook, Twitter, and the K-Pop society in the Philippines. Apparently, #No To KPop and #Yes To OPM both trended on Twitter not just in the Philippines but also WORLDWIDE.


For two (or more) days my newsfeed was jampacked with KPop fans bashing the poor guy who started these trends saying that 1) he’s stupid; 2) OPM lacks originality; 3) OPM is full of revivals; and so on. Meanwhile, those who supported this argued that: 1) Filipinos only like KPop because of the idols and not because of the music itself; 2) why would Filipinos listen to KPop when they can’t even understand the lyrics; 3) why would Filipinos listen to KPop when they’re not even Korean; and the rest is left to history.

As a Filipino, I was hurt because Filipinos themselves bashed OPM. But let me tell you this, I can understand why KPop fans would say what they said because technically they are true.

First, OPM does lack originality. We Filipinos are like chameleons. We adapt to what is in right now. We like to copy our surroundings and make it our own. Except we surpass the limits of adaption in a way the we become rip-offs. Here is what I commented on one of my Facebook friends who posted about the issue:

“I think originality is already moribund. It has ceased exist. So long as there is the phrase ‘inspired by’ or ‘my role model is’ or ‘i wanna be like’, artists will strive hard to be who they look up to and produce the same product without noticing it. Also, there are many artists who would rather revive songs that are famous so they could become famous themselves. You can’t really blame them because a lot of people still patronize these low quality products knowing that it’s low quality. Pitiful, really.”

I didn’t post this comment to defend the rotting system of the OPM industry. I posted it because it isn’t just OPM who lacks originality but also KPop. Most of the boy groups don a ‘hip-hop’ image while most girl groups don a ‘sexy’ image nowadays. And it’s all because ‘hip-hop’ and ‘sexy’ is what is IN as of now. A lot of the idol groups want to be like BIGBANG or 2NE1 because they aren’t your ‘usual’ KPop group. Concurrently BIGBANG and 2NE1, with their desire to be different and anti-status quo, have seemed to become TOO Westernized. Some examples to prove my point would be G-Dragon’s album Coup D’ Etat, 2NE1’s album Crush, Taeyang’s album Rise. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just these two YG groups who are trying to internalize the Western culture. Besides, the KPop industry is attacking the global market so it’s ‘pretty much’ understandable that they’d want to produce songs that the rest of the world would like. Now let’s go back. Does this really seem like originality to you?

Second, OPM IS FULL of revivals. Like, REALLY FULL OF THEM! If not Western songs, then revivals of old Filipino songs just added with a little bit of twist. I don’t really need to elaborate on this because you just have to search and see for yourself.


Picture taken from:

Moving on, I want to give a counterargument why we KPop fans love listening to KPop even if we are not Korean.

A. Can we not learn the language? Is it forbidden to learn how to read and write Hangul? My friends keep telling me: “I thought you had good taste in music. You used to listen to the Beatles and other great bands. You can’t even understand them. You probably don’t care about lyricism anymore.” This is just plain STUPID. I do care about lyricism. Listening to music wherein you can’t understand the language doesn’t mean you don’t care about lyricism. For those who don’t have the time to learn the Korean language, they can always search the translated version of the song in their own language. Also, just because it’s in Korean doesn’t mean that the lyrics are crap. I want to uphold my right to free myself from any type of language barrier.

B. Not every KPop fan only like KPop because of the idols. If I only like KPop because of the idols, then I should only be stanning only the visuals of the group. I should only be stanning popular groups like BIGBANG, 2NE1 (hey, just because I keep mentioning BIGBANG and 2NE1 doesn’t mean I’m a hater. Trust me, I’ve been a V.I.P for almost 5 years now. I’ve also been a Blackjack for about a year up until now), Super Junior, EXO, and Girls’ Generation. I shouldn’t be listening to less popular groups. I shouldn’t be listening to old Korean music. But I somewhat agree that some KPop fans only like KPop because of the idols. It’s already part of human nature to like someone based on their outer appearance instead of their talent. People like flashes, glamour, and hype. This statement of mine does not mean I’m justifying this erroneous habit, though. Anyway, there are those who really like KPop because it’s different from their country’s own type of music. There are those who like KPop because they like Korea’s culture.

C. Just because we’re not Korean, does that mean we can’t listen to Korean music? If people are going to use this, then they shouldn’t be listening to music that isn’t from their own country. Filipinos, or anyone else for that matter, shouldn’t be listening to ONE DIRECTION, or JUSTIN BIEBER, or LADY GAGA. They are not American nor are they British. Listening to KPop is just like listening to CPop, JPop, or any type of Pop music. I don’t get why some people would hate KPop but then would love listening to Spanish, French, or Italian music. *sigh* They swallowed the notion that European languages are ‘elite’ languages.

So here’s my two cents in the issue. KPop isn’t perfect. OPM isn’t perfect. Music is music regardless of the language. There’s not much difference between them.

VIXX – Eternity MV


Well that was an MV worth staying up for! It was released on YouTube at 1AM KST – so right on midnight for me 🙂

The girls and I kept our MV night going after watching ‘ALL the Boyfriend’ for their 3 year anniversary. 3 hours flew past pretty fast as we compiled an ‘It’s a Kpop Party‘ playlist by taking turns to link videos in our chat window – there are quite a few MVs that feature a party of some description – kekeke!

Alas, at midnight KST the MV wasn’t out – so we resorted to watching the bootleg from the countdown showcase before the others headed off for bed (waiting up until 2AM was a bit unfeasable for them), but my 2 hour timezone advantage was working well.

I have to say that I’m pretty thrilled with this song. It has a great hook…

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